Registration for the Atwater Falcon Band & Guard is now online!  Follow the link below to complete the registration process.  To complete registration, you will need:

  • Your 6-digit ID Number (begins with a 2)

  • Your school email address (first digit of your first name, your full last name, your 6 digit ID number  (Example:

  • At least one parent's information (you may add up to 2 parents if you wish).  Parent names and email here are extremely important.

Registrations will be automatically inputted into our system once a week during the summer.  You will then be able to follow the information found on the CHARMS PAGE to access your account, including editing information submitted on the registration form.

Find all forms used by the Atwater Band and Guard by following the Forms link above . *Currently Under Construction - all forms will soon be made available to fill out via PDF and emailed to the Band Office