About Atwater Falcon

                                           Band and Guard

The mission of the Atwater Falcon Band and Guard is to provide a balanced, comprehensive music/arts education to each of the participants with additional emphasis placed on citizenship.  Students with exposure to and involvement in the fine arts are productive, creative and integral members of our society and consistently score higher on standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT.

Participation in the band teachers its members that it is a privilege and an honor to represent his/her school.  Students learn to wind and to lose; to take as well as to give.  Self-motivation and intellectual curiosity are essential to the best academic participants, and with the coupling of the physical demands of band and guard, physical training and good health habits are also embedded within the curriculum.

In addition, the band provides a home away from home for its members.  There is great pride and tradition inbeing a member of the Atwater Falcon Band and Guard!